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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bus blogs

You wait ages for one, and then three turn up all at once.

After enduring a Piccadilly Gardens day to forget, which will be the subject of a post when I've calmed down, I arrived home to find a comment left behind from Geoff, a bus user who takes the 43 into and out of South Manchester. He asked if we could exchange links, his blog is new (about a week old,) but it's of very high literal quality, so onto the blogroll he goes. His site, by the way is aptly called 43

Next up, is one from a little further afield, and it's a blog that I wouldn't have found if it wasn't for Geoff asking for a link.

Mfebber's Bus Blog is an established blog about her bus ride to and from work in Arizona, and the blog is again of high quality. I've asked her for a link, but even if she chooses not to do so, her site is so good it's on the roll on quality grounds alone.

Links should open in a new window.

I have just found this blog which is very interesting as I used to live in Manchester.I am a busdriver in Torquay and I also have a blog.
Thanks for the kind comments, I've visited your blog and it should appear on the blogroll any time now!
Bus blgs have been described here. Read to know more

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