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Thursday, March 30, 2006

New look titles

Having worked out a little bit more HTML, I decided that it was time to have some sort of image greeting visitors to the blog. Obviously, being a bus-related blog, did I want to have one of a load of buses, a bus stuck in traffic, or something else?

So I grabbed by trusty Canon EOS 350D, fitted the fantastic 28-135mm IS USM lens which I bought about a month after the camera, and headed out to Chapel Street in Salford, where it's nearly impossible not to find a bunch of buses.

I fired up the camera, and as the light was, well grey and bad, I took a couple of test shots to get a feel for the conditions (something that you can do with a digital camera,) tried to look at them, and realised that the CF card was still in the card reader at home.


So back home I went, grabbed the card and flew back to the shooting location.

Still without a final choice of image in my mind, I decided to experiment with a range of shots.

This image was almost the one that I finally chose, I like the look of the person staring out of the bus window a the bus went by, it's a puzzled, sort of complentative look. I like the grey clouds overhead, I don't think that this shot would have been easy to get if it wasn't in somewhere like Manchester.

I decided to try and get a pan-and-shoot shot of a bus going past, which came up with this little gem.

The final shot of the day was the one I finally used, I was fiddling with the camera settings and suddenly saw a huge gap in the traffic and a bus about to fly past. I took aim, slowed down the shutter and clicked the button. The result (after a little bit of editing) is, of course on the title.

I hope you like it.

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