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Saturday, March 11, 2006

An Old Chestnut

The old saying, you wait ages for one, then three turn up all at once holds very true for buses in the evenings in my part of the world.

For some reason, the timetable has huge gaps, then several buses are timed to run within a few minutes of each other, followed by another huge gap.

As these routes share the A6 corridor into Manchester from the north, would it not be better to space the buses out over the A6 corridor, so the same service frequency is maintained at the end of the routes, but there is a really frequent service along the combined parts of the routes in question - instead of seeing the sight of buses falling over each other to get out of town?

It's a Friday today, and if I look out of my window right now, I'll expect to see several buses flying out of Manchester all at the same time, as they all leave at the same time from Piccadilly Gardens.

For example, why not run the 8 15 minutes before the 36? Both go to Bolton, and then Manchester to Bolton has a bus every 15 minutes during the night bus period, and while that may not benefit somebody living in, say Clifton or Walkden, it will benefit all those who live between Manchester and Swinton, as well as those who go to Farnworth or Bolton.

Because that would be sensible, of course. And as only London has bus regulation (inasmuch as Transport for London set the fares and timetables), the commercial operators are free to do what they like, so you end up with empty buses following ones that are packed to the gunwhales.
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