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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Regulated transport praised

I was directed to this little snippet by regular reader Rail Temp who found an article in his industry publication. Although I've wanted to post solely my own material I've copied the bulk of his article below.

I've also contacted him and he's prepared to write an article for this blog about what TfL does. That's very kind of him, as I've got no idea of how far their influnce spreads.

Transport for All

Transport for London has been such a success, argues the Local Government Association, that equivalent authorities should be created in all major cities: Transport for Birmingham, Transport for Liverpool, and Transport for Manchester.

The new transit authorities would have the power to determine rail, tram and bus routes and fares. Says Professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics, "For too long the scatter-gun approach to local transport has hurt the economic vitality of many cities in the country. Setting up TfL has been a success and it is a model that should be copied across the country."

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