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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stupid Place For A Bus Stop

Not my words, but the words of a bus driver this afternoon trying to get into and out of the stop opposite the shining glass thing which houses M&S' car park entrance and several posh shops at the cathedral end of Deansgate.

I have to agree.

Prior to the majority of buses heading in and out of Manchester used the Blackfriars Bridge / Victoria Bridge route, that's oh, about six years ago now, there wasn't a stop there, just a building site as this one one of the parts of Manchester wrecked by the 1996 IRA bomb, so buses used to be able to get onto Blackfriars Street pretty easily bu just sitting in the right hand lane there.

With me so far? Good.

When Shudehill opened on the 29th January, several new stops were built. One of the new stops is the one that I wrote about at the top of thie post, it's called "ND" and has the glorious location title of "St Mary's Gate / Deansgate"

The stop was part of a lay-by for the loading and unloading of the small trading establishments built under the now not-so-huge glass block, and that part of Deansgate has been a problem for traffic for a number of years. I try to avoid driving down Deansgate if I can when in a car, as you can sit there for ages in a queue.

Buses have to dive into the lay-by, then try and get out into the right-hand lane to turn right and down Blackfriars Street. It's made harder by the idiots who park in the bus stop or right in front of it. If there's a whole stack of buses (see my post about buses running on top of each other,) then it's very hard to signal to the driver that you want the bus to stop.

It's also a very busy stop with no shelter. Many people who used to use the Corporation St swathe of stops have to hunker down here against the elements which plague the city. The next stop, Blackfriars Street is extremely busy also, and has one tiny shelter wholly unsuited to the demand placed upon it.

So not only was Shudehill a complete mistake, but the errors are compounded by having completely unsuitable facilities for those who are forced to use the new stops.

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