I Wanna Ride The Bus!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Visitors to the Blog

It's good to see that after a week of blogging, there's people who have visited here who have felt strongly enough to comment on the items I've posted.

A big up must go to Yankunian, of The Manchizzle for her kind words on his blog when adding the link. I'm grateful for her encouraging words via email as well.

Thanks also to the two who have commented so far, Stephen Newton's insight into the old, open bus station at Piccadilly was an eye-opener as it disproved my opinion that the Arndale was the only bus station in Manchester at one point, and Railway Temp, another anonynous blogger who appears to have his own blog up and running confirming that London's buses have both the timetables and the fares fixed by the transport authority there. Packed buses is the subject of my next gripe post.

cheers for the shout-out, mate.
For future ref, I'm of the female persuasion.
Sorry about that, duly edited
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