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Sunday, March 05, 2006

You Know It's A Sunday When...

You walk to your usual busy bus stop at 8.50am and find that there's no buses to the new Shudehill bus station for half an hour :-(

You mis-read the bus timetable and think there's one at 9:01 and then 10 minutes later realise that the timetable actually says the first one on that route is 11:01

The usually overcrowded "All routes except 8" Urbis bus stop is full of people with no idea of what bus is going to turn up if at all because GMPTE have "helpfully" plastered service alteration pieces of A4 paper all over the stop leaving passengers with no idea of what buses are affected and what ones are not.

You get home and half of the estate seems to be moving house.

It must be a Sunday.

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