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Friday, April 14, 2006

More on single-operator tickets

A little bit more about single-operator tickets and how they can end up costing the user more.

The girlfriend of one of my neighbours has suffered a bit of a misfortune, and wound up in the burns unit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

For those who don't know Manchester and it's area, Salford is the city stuck on the top-left hand side of Manchester, and Wythenshawe is, well, best described as above the airport and a bit to the right of Altrincham. Yes, it's on the south side of the city.

My neighbour bought a Stagecoach Megarider ticket, as the first bus he took out there was a Stagecoach-operated one. He didn't know about the any-bus System 1 option, and has since found himself stuck at certain times of the evening, unable to get into Manchester on the bus of his choice, and then no bus from town to where he lives. He can't get there today, Bank Holiday Monday or on Sunday, asm according to him, there's no bus there.

A megarider is £9 at the moment, that's somewhat cheaper than the First offering, and £4.50 cheaper than the System-1 ticket.

But is £4.50 more important than being able to get any bus that you want?

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