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Monday, April 10, 2006

Paypoint Letter

I mailed System-1 Travel on Saturday night about the trouble with getting paypoints to hand out blank wallets with bus savers. Here's the text of what I wrote:

I am a regular bus user and use the System 1 Bus Saver as it is the most appropriate ticket for my travelling needs.

However, since the ticket has no longer been available at post offices, I am forced to have problems each time I renew one.

I can get one very easily, I just walk to the nearest corner shop, ask for one and they will sell me one quite happily, however there is no plastic sticky wallet type thing for the ticket to go into, and I have been challenged about this.

It appears that all of the local paypoint outlets in my local area have none of these in stock, and so I had to go to a travelshop to get one, to be told that the corner shop should not have issued the ticket if they had no wallets.

After thorough examination of the conditions on the ticket, of the System 1 website and of the Paypoint leaflet, I can find no mention of such a rule, and if that is the case, and if my sample of local shops is repeated throughout the region, then the claim of the ticket can be purchased hassle-free is misleading.

Please supply me with a number of blank wallets, so I do not have to be inconvenienced by having to go to travelshops to get my tickets, or suffer embarrasment by using a legitimately-purchased ticket without a wallet.

Early days yet, but there's been no reply so far. I'll keep you posted on when there's a reply.

Hi Traveller - funnilly enough, I had a similar issue with PayPoint outlets "losing" the wallets for OneTickets - even within the coverage area! See 23/24th February on my blog. I did get some of these later, and this allowed me to buy one earlier this month without the need to try to get the newsagent to find one! I am surprised you have similar problems in Manchester, as these tickets are a lot more well known than those I quote up here.
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