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Monday, April 03, 2006

Piccadilly Congestion

The BBC have run an article about congestion in the Piccadilly area because so many buses are using such a small space.

While the article highlights competition on the 192 bus route, it's worth mentioning again what I wrote in the first week of this blog; Piccadilly Gardens does not have the infrastucture to be as busy as it is. It's open to the elements, the congestion has to be seen to be believed.

The article states that GMPTE and Manchester City Council are blaming competition on the bus routes for the congestion, that operators have bumped up bus numbers on the route in a bid to drive the other firm off that route.

While competition is a contributory factor for the congestion, and always will be so as other operators are allowed to muscle in on seemingly profitable routes (Wilmslow Road for example,) some of the blame for congestion has to be levelled at Manchester City Council and GMPTE.

Manchester City Council are to blame for the idiotic traffic system on the approach to Manchester from the north side, by closing off certain roads, and making other ones only accessible at certain times of the day, by putting a bus station to serve that side of the city in a place that can only be described as far less accessible than it was 8 years ago - because they stuch a bloody great lawn and glass white elephant block in the way of what was the most direct route.

GMPTE are to blame (they own the bus stops, so they can put their feet down if they wished,) because they have not allocated the bus stops in the city in such a way that relieves congestion. They could easily tell First, for example, that the 12 and 32 routes that were shifted to Piccadilly when Shudehill opened cannot be accommodated at their Piccadilly Gardens bus station, and they must use their Shudehill station instead.

People have died as a result of accidents between buses and pedestrians at Piccadilly Gardens. Unless the powers that be actually do something instead of bemoaning problems of their own making, then future deaths must be laid firmly at their door.

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