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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ticket Renewal Time

For various reasons, I haven't needed to renew my bus saver for over a month. However, I was back on the buses on Friday, and after much deliberation as to whether or not it was viable this week to get a bus saver, I went into the corner shop (a PayPoint outlet) and asked for a weekly.

£13.50 later, I had a brand new weekly bus saver in my paws, but without the plastic cellophane thingy which I mentioned over a month ago. In fact, as it was so long ago and so much water (or so many buses) had gone under the bridge since then, I clean forgot about the need for the plastic thingy. I asked if they had one, they didn't.

Now that put me in a tricky situation. The tickets are "No refund" tickets, and the issuers are not PTE employees, there's very little in the way of comeback. So I thought I'd get a plastic thingy at the travelshop on my way out to Denton (that's a trip on a Stagecoach bus from one of the off-shoots from Piccadilly Overcrowdens, so I would have a chance to see if there were 192 buses queueing up from Stockport to get in the place.)

I did in the end, after much debate, but they were insistent that the issuer shouldn't have issued it. Now, if that is the rule, should GMPTE / System 1 put a Yes / No question on their PayPoint program that issues the ticket, bearing in mind that there's hundreds of corner shops and other paypoint outlets in the area, and the level of training will be directly proportional to the level of interest the retailer has?

There's no condition on the reverse of the ticket that says that the ticket has to be in a plastic folder type thing, nor does the leaflet saying that paypoints are the place to buy make any mention of the rule.

This is yet another big mess of the PTE's making, (don't believe that System 1 are a different body, my first bus saver had their address as GMPTE Towers on Portland Street,) hot on the heels of the debacle of Shudewho bus station and Piccadilly Overcrowdens.

So I'm going to ask the question of why are consumers being misled to The Powers That Be. Of course, readers, I'll keep you posted.

Oh, I only saw one 192 while I was there. It was a nifty red one with a big 192 on the front run by UK North who have bought the GM Buses trademark. Who's going to buy the SELNEC name?

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