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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Traffic Jams

I had a drink after work on Saturday, several in fact at the excellent Hare & Hounds opposite the new Shudehill bus station.

In my booze-fuelled state afterwards, I remembered that a) I was going away on Tuesday for a conference, b) I needed to take my camera, c) There's not much point in taking a camera that has full memory cards, and d) Where have the memory card fairies hidden 2 of my 3 cards?

I remembered reading a Jessop's catalogue a little earlier on in the day an thinking that as it was just after pay day, I could run to getting a new memory card for the camera, at least then, I would be able to take decent quality shots all day without worrying about card space. There's a Jessop's on Deansgate, at the corner of Blackfriars Street near the infamous ND stop.

So I staggered half-way down the hill to Corporation Street that is the number 2 bus stop on the Shudehill bus station, collapsed in a seat and we trundled back up the hill, out of the bus station and on our way.

This, dear readers was a Saturday, and the world was out shopping. If ever there was an advert for congestion charging, then Manchester at the weekend would fit the advertising agency's bill time and time again.

The route 2 follows the main bus route out of the city for the majority of Salford and a few other places as well, being onto Corporation Street, past the Urbis (and it was my view of tired, wet individuals on Saturday that prompted yesterday's post,) through Victoria Station and onto Deansgate.

It was there that we hit the traffic.

I was almost sober when I got off the bus 3 stops later. Yes, the number 2 is free, but it isn't exactly quick on a Saturday.

Back to the camera business, I didn't buy from Jessops, I bought from the place over the road from there, who did me a very nice deal on a Sandisk 2 gig Ultra 2 card (the same price as a 1 gig at Jessops,) a new card reader to replace the one my sister smashed and I bought 2 new matched batteries to go in my grip along with a better charger than the Canon rubbish that shipped with the camera.

With that little lot, I was about £200 lighter, but I shouldn't need to recharge or reload while I'm away - and that's a good thing when you're trying to travel light.

Oh, quick question for any camera people here. Why won't my new reader or the reader on m,y printer read the 2 gig card, while my camera happily takes it? It's a pain in the backside when it comes to uploading the images, as I'll have to use the camera to upload - which means using the Canon proprietry software as Windows dosen't see the camera as a disk drive, like what my Old Olymous C5050Z did, but as a camera, so My Computer mis-reads the CR2 raw files when shooting in mixed mode.

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