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Monday, April 03, 2006

Urbis Woes

Manchester is on the western side of the Pennines. It therefore gets a lot of rain. Maybe not so much as other places in England, but it has a reputation of being a wet city.

So, how does the owner of all the bus stops in the whole of Greater Manchester respond when a new bus station is opened and traffic through the city near this bus station is completely re-routed making a series of three very long and very busy bus shelters completely obsolete, and displacing their users in the process?

Why, it does nothing of course.

So next time you go past the Urbis centre and see the hoardes of displaced people there trying to keep themselves warm in the wind and rain, while waiting for their bus, remember that the PTE owns three very big and very unused bus shelters that could be used there.

Hi there.

Just wanted to say I like your blog. At the moment I'm lucky enough not to have to use public transport in Manchester, though I fear that will all change in a few months. Your blog hasn't convinced me that a pleasant experience awaits me on the buses of Manchester.

It all depends on where you are and where you want to go.

If I want to go to Piccadilly, then I get on a Firstbus thirty-something or 12 and I get there. What happens then is down to the congestion in Piccadilly Gardens.

If I want to go to Victoria, then I get on an 8, 67 or 68 which normally turn up first, or a JPT minibus which are generally dead quiet and means a faster ride to and from work.

I choose not to drive, because the links are good - it's just that the links could be excellent if there was a little forward planning and common sense by the operators, the PTE and the local authorities involved.
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