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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Daysaver Confusion (Courtesy of First)

I rode a 100 home the other day, nothing new or fancy there, it was just the first bus that turned up that goes to where I live.

The trip was uneventful, and certainly nothing happened which would normally prompt me to make a blog post about the bus ride.

It's what didn't happen which is what made this incident postworthy.

Regular readers will know that I posted about the daysavers being discontinued by first. What I didn't post was that I rang up GMPTE a long time before, claiming that as First were saying on their website that they would not issue Daysavers for buses only any more, their website, in claiming that any System 1 bus operator would issue a bus only daysaver meant that they were misrepresenting the availability of daysavers. I also pointed out that their very close buddies at System 1 were advertising the same thing.

After pointing out that they were misleading people, I got put through to a manager who claimed that there had been an emergency meeting with first and the PTE and the threat was over.

So why, two months after the event are First still running buses saying that they are not issuing the things?

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