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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Daysavers: Here today, gone tomorrow?

I really should have posted this one in April when I was still taking the bus more often, but I think the subject should be aired anyway.

I posted back on April 10th (it should still be on this page, as I haven't really posted since then, of course if you're looking at this in the archive, then look for April...) about First putting up the prices of their tickets again.

I wrote:
Daily FirstDay tickets are going up to £3.30, which will be more expensive than an off-peak DaySaver priced £3.20 and makes the bus and train off-peak Daysaver look like fantastic value at £4.

Clearly somebody at First's accounts office noticed as well, because First publicised discontinuing bus only Daysavers from the date the fares went up. The poster said that they would accept bus only Daysavers from other operators, but would not issue one themselves.

Since then, the price of the Daysaver has gone up to £3.50 off-peak, but it seems clear to me that First would rather have people using their own tickets, rather than a multi-operator travelcard. Enjoy the Daysaver while it lasts, because maybe next time, First and Stagecoach will be after it getting chopped. Stagecoach, of course would be loathe to share revenue with UK North / GM Buses on the 192 battleground route.

Integrated public transport with true, easy inter-availability of tickets across all modes is the only way that public transport will be better used outside of the peaks, and perhaps would help encourage others to travel by other means than their car in the peak times as well; though there's not much spare capacity then.

More later, but I'm off to the cinema on Deansgate to watch "The Omen" remake, though I think it'll take a lot to beat the Gregory Peck original.

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