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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Omen

Well it's now gone past midnight, so it's the 7th June here in England, so I think it's safe to go to bed!

Seriously, I've just got back from the cinema, and I would have to say to all of you bus-riding readers to get on the bus and go and see the film. If you saw the original, you'll like the comparisons with the original film - faithful to the original with a bit more back story which helped to flesh out the story in a way, but the obvious plot holes haven't been filled in, so it runs nicely with the original, and if you haven't seen the original film, just enjoy it.

To blatantly get this post back onto a bus theme, why not take a bus to your local cinema, many bus routes go to or very near cinemas, and watch this great film.

PS I'll be spending a lot of summer at local cinemas by the look of things, XMen 3 is still on the list to watch, and there's Superman Returns to see as well. Not forgetting the Cornerhouse in Manchester where there may well be something a little more challenging to see.

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