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Monday, June 12, 2006

Price Rises, Again

I posted that bus only daysavers had gone up after First had a strop about them being cheaper than their own offering. Now the others have followed suit. Bus, train and tram is now £7, bus and train is £4.50 and bus only ones are £4 or £3.50

The other modes hadn't gone up much recently and they are still good value for money, but the season tickets have also gone up after having been changed back in February, the most notable rise then being a "stealth" £47 rise for the monthly bus savers getting chopped back to 28 days (13 passes needed for the year over the 12 needed before.) The 28-day pass has gone up £2 to £49, so in effect that's a massive 12% increase compared with the same time last year. That's unsustainable.

Bus ridership is dropping everywhere except London; how many more people will be choosing other modes as a result of the latest round of price rises?

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