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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

21% inflation?

GMPTE won't like this post one little bit, but I'm not going to apologise at all for this one.

System One Travelcards, the trading name for Greater Manchester Travelcards Limited, a company which runs the only ticketing scheme in the region under Transport Act 2000 powers and of which the GMPTE is a part-owner have shoved up the prices again.

On January 2nd 2005, you could buy a monthly bus pass for £47, which would cover any participating bus in Greater Manchester for a month. There was a stealth price rise where a month was cut to 28 days, meaning that 13 passes over 12 were now needed to cover the year, and the price has gone up again (see the June post with a similar name.)

It now costs £52.50 for 28 days. That's an annual equivalent price of £682.50 compared with £564 12 months ago. That's a whopping 21% increase in 12 months.

You'd think that Roger Jones, the chairman of the GMPTA - the body who tell GMPTE what to do, and a person who is not short of the odd column inch in the Manchester Evening News would be seething with anger about the price rises. After all, he is on record as saying: "We have got to get more people out of their cars and onto public transport, but fare rises which are three times the rate of inflation are not going to help at all.

"We wanted 2007 to be a year for a dramatic increase in public transport. If I had my way, the operators would make good profits by freezing fares and increasing their numbers of passengers. But the fact is that, although train and tram patronage is growing, buses are losing out."

Hiking fares by 21% probably has something to do with that, Roger.

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